Located in Chikmaglur ,the famous coffee estate district of Karnataka state in India ,this small temple town Shringeri is famous for its lush scenic surroundings and the famous Sharadamba Temple.This place is around 300 km from the coastal city of Mangalore  and the nearest airport is either Mangalore or Shimoga.The drive from Mangalore is very scenic with a lot of places to visit on the way like  small temples like Hosanadu and Kudupu and Hanumangundi falls.

Hosanadu/also called as Kodyadka , is a recently constructed temple which many people are not aware of.Located at a distance of 35 km from Mangalore ,this temple which is dedicated to goddess  Annapurneshwari is built with a modern architectural perspective and has  granite flooring, good interiors and paintings of Gods and sculptures  along with the traditional‘ Garbha Gudi’/center place  with goddess Annapurneshwari  statue glowing with her unique charm.There is a small zoo with monkeys ,elephants ,birds ,rabbits  deers and other animals on the exterior of the temple,making this unique.The temple also has a small park with some statues and fountains adding to the elegance.The huge 72 feet tall  lord Hanuman statue /structure is commendable.The temple is a worth watch for its beautiful architecture and traditional devotional elements.



Zoo at temple premises

Hanuman statue


After visiting this temple ,we continued on our journey to Shringeri .The way to shringeri has dense forests and Ghat sections /steep narrow hilly roads and ends high on an elevation of about 200 feet .In between these winding roads ,we managed  take a break by the gorgeous HanumanGundi Falls.The Hanumangundi falls is just 25 km ahead of Shringeri and is located on a gorge in between the dense forests.The gorge is accessible through steps and the fall has a nominal entrance fees of 30 Rs.The luminous water falls fall from a remarkable height of 100 feet but through a rocky path and don’t abruptly decent from a height making it less risky.People often have a refreshing bath under the water fall amidst the cool surroundings and the soothing music of the chirping birds and flowing fresh water.


Hanumangundi Falls

We reached Shringeri as planned by afternoon 12 pm and went ahead for Darshan /seek blessings of the Godess.First ,we visited the Sharadamba Temple of Godess Sharada ,who is worshipped as the god for ‘vidya’ or knowledge as well as wisdom.People with a wish of their children’s prosperity in education worship here with utmost faith.The temple was extremely crowded and we managed to get veneration and Aarthi of the lord.We also did the traditional ‘aksharabhyasa’/first writing in front of the goddess ,for our child there.After this we visited the Vidhyashankara temple ,which was built by Vidhyaranya in commemoration of Vidhyashankara.This temple is of architectural significance and has an elegant view with beautiful sculptures and carvings on the exteriors and 12 zodiac pillars.This temples stands uniquely splendid at the center of the temple premises.There is a river across the temple premises ,which is a place of worship as well and many devotees offer feed to the numerous fishes there on the banks .After a small stroll near the banks of river Tunga,we crossed across the bridge and went to the Shringeri Mutt where the pontiff of the Adi Shankaracharya descendents reside .Shringeri temple also provides a delicious Naivedyam/food offering to the devotees in the afternoon as well as night.We had our full-fledged afternoon meal at the temple premises and returned back home.

Vidhyashankara Temple
Shardamaba temple
Beautiful carvings at the exterior
Banks of River Tunga