Hello readers,I thought of sharing a small personal incident with you all .We were living in Bangalore a year back .It was may 4th ,a saturday,and was my neighbor’s son’s birthday on that particular day.I had been there along with my hubby and son who was 4 and half years old  .The party had just commenced and after  cake cutting ,some singing and dancing , the guests  were  settling down .Adults were busy with the usual chit-chats and discussions;whilst the kids were busy playing and  yelling and the atmosphere was filled with a lot of noise and confusion.The party  hosts started serving us with some tea/coffee and snacks along with the cake.I was talking to a friend and her husband was sitting next to her.My son was just adjacent to me and he was holding a tennis ball and bouncing it around.

I was busy in the conversation ,when suddenly I saw that my friend’s husband who was  sitting there, just bounced from his seat with a thud nad yelled “AHH…!”and within a fraction of second ,I could see his face and body drenched with tea all over !Mind me, he was just looking like “bhigi billi”/”drenched cat”.His expression is just still fixed in mind even today ,because the way he reacted was just incredible;his face turned red ,with mixed emotions of anger,tumult and shock and couldn’t recover from the shock till he knew what exactly had happened.Actually the scene was described  by the spectators and was revealed to be a prank from my son ,which was unintentional though!He had just flung the ball towards the wall and the ball just missed its path and flew straight into the man’s cup of tea and then the consequence!At that moment ,all the kids and some elders too were laughing heartily.Infact,even I would have burst out  into laughter;but I was helpless . After knowing that my son was the culprit for this,I turned wild instead and felt humiliated and very embarrassed for my child’s behaviour.So at one particular moment  it was both “Hot and “cool”feeling for me ,because I was even burning with anger and also having small doses of “humor/laughter within .I obviously had to scold my son for his act, as a responsible mother and also stay calmposed and not mock at the person!But mind me ,after going home ,I had my hearty share of laughter.So I can call this moment ,a perfect “Fire freeze “moment!

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