MYSTERY SPOT : This place is located at Santa Cruz ,CA ,at a distance of approximately 40 miles from City of  San Fransisco.This is termed as a”mystical “place where you experience effects of gravity ,perspective ,positioning and variations in hieght.This place was discovered in 1939 by some surveyors and has been a point of interest and curiosity since then for many spectators and visitors.This area has a small wooden house ‘ located at a small circular area of around 50 meters diameter which has this ‘magical effect’.People have a lot of predictions including  ‘extraterrestrial effect’;’haunted house’;Some heavy metals buried beneath the place ;co2 seepage underneath the house ,etc etc;but the credits for these phenomenon  seems to be given to some scientists for the  optical phenomenon demonstrated here by them.
The drive to this place was very skeptical and seemed very mysterious with narrow winding roads and dense forests around with tall sequoia trees touching the sky;no where giving us the hints of a tourist location ahead.Finally when we reached the place ,it seemed like a small area with only forest around and not even some shops or entertainment spots around.The tour was guided with a tour guide who took a bunch of people of 20 in number  at a time.This haunted house ‘ mimicking  place  was located at a small hilltop and we had to trek a little distance to reach it.On reaching there ,the guide demonstrated some phenomenon like –
1.’when a ball was placed on a wooden plank facing downwards,the ball would travel in the opposite direction uphill’ rather then rolling down!
2.Drops of water flown on the plank would also roll upwards and drip rather than flowing down towards the sloping side.
3.She asked few people to stand in a row in ascending order of their heights  on a flat board and it appeared that the shorter person  seemed  the same height as the tallest person.
After all these,we entered the house ,and there we felt as if we were leaning ,and we couldn’t stand still and were feeling dizzy or as if we were about to experience a fall.Everybody around appeared leaning either towards the side or to the front.People were trying hard to keep themselves balanced and stand erect. Appeared like everyone where boozed and intoxicated!. When we stood on the window steps on the wall ,we appeared to lean forward as if  we would fall ,but in spite of that were standing erect!A table was placed inside the house and people were standing on the table to experience the enigma.People were perceived to be leaning forward and still managed not to lose their balance and trip down!So everything around seemed as if there was no effect of ‘gravitational force’ in the house! On close observation,what we felt and concluded was that the house was constructed at a ’tilted angulation’ opposite to the direction in which the hill was directed towards.For ex:If the hill was sloping from direction” x to y”;the house was tilted at an angle of ‘y to x’ so that the gravitational effect would be neutralised.Sounds amazing right! Yes this strange ‘engineering and construction marvel ‘ left everyone perplexed.This place is a worth watch just to experience this phenomenon.