We were staying at Dayton ,Ohio and CINCINATTI was at  close to 45 min drive from the place we lived.So one weekend we decided to have a day out at Cincinatti.WE thought of covering the “coney island” mainly and spend less time at the  city and downtown; but  happened the vice-versa.It turned out to be nice  day out.Some of the important places which we visited are:

Cincinnati zoo and botanical garden:This zoo has a variety of animals which includes even the endangered species like white tiger and Felines.Botanical gardens also are a worth watch with few of the rarest collections of perenialls ,trees and shrubs.

National underground Railroad freedom centre:-This is one of the important places to visit ,with a unique theme of supporting the “freedom “concept and resisting “slavery “and human trafficking.There is an exhibition entitled against slavery and human trafficking including forced labor,sex trafikking child labor ,etc named as “Invisible”whcih is a must watch.

Down town :Cincinnati down town has 3rd 4th 5th streets as main points of interests and the down town tour can be accomplished either by a “Holley Jolley” trolley or by a traditional ,well decorated horse carriage driven by professionally dressed man/woman.Down town has a lot of buildings to be seen like the carew tower,Scripps center,fifth third bank building ,Macy’s plaza,union terminal.Some of the important places to visit in downtown :

Carew tower:This building located just near the fountain square ,is a 49 storied commercial complex with an observatory desk at 49th floor giving a spectacular view of the entire city.This complex has restaurants ,gift shops ,dressing outlets ,offices inside.

TYLER DAVIDSON FOUNTAIN SQUARE:This is one of the most famous attraction and hang out place .With a huge banner reading “Life happens here”,this place has enthusiastic people from all around the world united at one place ,chilling out at the square having fun .There are a variety of itinerary and a huge Lcd display for entertainment of people .We spent an hour here and our kid was having fun near the flowing water at the fountain ,were al the kids were accumulated.

CINCINATTI MUSEUM CENTER AT UNION TERMINAL:This museum is replaced by the previously occupied railway station and has a kids museum and a historical museum displaying the historical aspects of Cincinnati.

CONEY’S ISLAND:we headed towards our most desired destination to unwind an amazing experience of breathtaking rides and chilling water dips.The coney island has 2 main portions ,the Sunlite pool and the Classic rides.Sunlite pool is the largest recirculating swimming pool in the world and is as large as a football ground .This portion of the park has thrilling water slides and a lot of other waterrides.The clasic rides mainly includes a lot of kiddie rides which can have an unlimited usage and also a lot of  exhilarating and breathtaking rides like “The screaming machimne“which throws us up from as high as 50 feet;””python roller coaster“;”River runner” ,the boat which takes us swinging right and left above the river.

The traditional horse carriage