New york ,“A city that never sleeps” is the most happening city in the world.New york is a widely spread city with more than 7 million residents and has inhabitants with cultural diversities.Manhattan is at the center of New york city and harbors the tallest buildings and the financial district and is situated on a large island in the middle of Hudson river.manhattan is the heart of New york.Streets run east to west starting from the first street to 218th street.And from north to south runs the first to twelfth avenues.Newyork is a vast ocean and to explore the whole city with an Eagle’s eye is almost next to impossible.So for tourists like us ,a“hop on hop off “bus tour would be the ideal option,and the bus tour starts right at 8am and extends up to 12 in midnight(it has both day and night tours).

Here I will list the  famous and top 10 attractions of New york.

1.ELLIS ISLAND AND STATUE OF LIBERTY– Ellis  island which was the gateway to millions of immigrants and had an inspection center has now the famous Immigration museum for tourists.Statue of Liberty which is world-renowned is a symbol of peace and liberty”and was gifted to the USA by France and signified the independence of the USA. This is located at the liberty island .There is a ferry to the Ellis and liberty island .The ferry ride offers an elegant view of the skyline of the New york city.   

 2.THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING-This is a world-famous landmark and is situated in 5th avenue and consists of 102 floors .It has an observatory desk at 86th floor and also on 102nd floor.  
3.Broadway street – This is a famous iconic place at downtown Manhattan is a theatrical district harboring clusters of theaters playing variety of shows.

Empire state

4.The ROCKFELLER CENTER AND OBSERVATION DESK-This building has 8,000,sq ft or spread over 22acresand extends from 48th to 51street and comprises many buildings.The center building is the Rockefeller plaza , GE building and comprises 70 floors and is a famous tourist attraction.Top of the rock observation desk is situated on 70 th floor and gives a panoramic view of the entire city.


5. THE WALL STREET AND THE FINANCIAL DISTRICTThis street features many of the financial institutions of Manhattan and is a pleasure to watch with all th buildings aligned in a straight line which includes the Federal hall and New york stock exchange office
.6.The iconic “stock exchange bull“/charging bull stands in the green park at the financial district ,which is a major photographic attraction.Bull signifies the aggression in the stock market dealings and rubbing the nose/horns of the bull signifies good luck!
7.The famous world trade center was located here in the financial district and now we can visualise the “memorial of world trade center” at the site . 



8.  BROOKLYN BRIDGE  -The bridge connects the cities of Manhattan and Brooklyn and is the world’s largest suspension bridge with a stretch of 1.8 km and the towers amidst the bridge are 276 feet tall and the bridge is supported by  a mesh of strong cables.

9.MADAME TUSSAD’S MUSEUM– This renowned museum located at 42 nd street has more than 200 life-like wax figures of famous icons and celebrities.

10.Times square-This extends from the 42 to 47 streets and is “The happening place”of New york with the streets open all through night and crowds hanging out in full spirits at midnight ,a variety of pubs ,restaurants,musical shows and night life.Time square was named because of the famous“one times square “building which hosts one of the most;extravagant new year eve’s ball.