San Fransisco ,which i term the “city of uphills and downhills” is a city which has an amazing unique structure of being constructed at the steep hills and slopes above the bay ,without poundering with the natural beauty and is surrounded throughout by the bay.It is an amazing city with spectacular skylines of the magnificient buildings and elegant view of the pacific ocean.

Top 10 highlights in the city which is a must watch:

1.THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE:California’s most famous icon ,golden gate bridge spams the city of san fransisco to marin county.Joseph strauss designed this unique orange colored decorative 1.2 mile suspension bridge which can withstand wind speed as great as 100 miles per hour.Hieght of suspension bridge towers-746 feet.
2.THE VISTA POINT-After a drive past the golden gate bridge the vista point offers a spectacular view of the pacific ocean and the golden gate bridge .Its the ideal place for capturing beautiful photgraphs of the bridge .we can take a trek across the hill  above the vista point and have an amazing view there swayed by the blowing winds of the bay.

3.PIER 39-This is the main harbor of all the 42 harbors,and has a  market place featuring the variety of shops in 2 floors where you can shop a variety of things which includes ocean pearls ,jewellery,winter wear sweaters,jackets,food vendors offering yummy sea food and also eat out at a variety of restaurants.This place also features street play of instrumentals like guitar ,truimpet played by artists;children’s entertainment area –a fascinating  merry go round with lightings ,magic shows ;entertainment shows.Thisplace also harbors a lot of sea lions at the bay shore .

4.FISHERMAN’S WARF-This place features a lot of sidewalk vendors who sell bay’s array of sea food including crabs and fishes also bagels and dough bread.Its a pefecet blend of fishing fleets,motels ,museums ,fishing boats.

5.AQUARIUM OF THE BAY -A beautiful aquarium by the bay side at the pier 39.

6.The BLUE AND GOLD FEET BAY CRUISE-This cruise trip starts at the bay shore at pier 39 and covers the pacific ocean hovering through and beneath the Golden gate bridge and the Bay bridge and also covers the view of the Alcatraz island .The cruise trip will be memorable with the sea gulls and birds crossing over your head and a soothing cool breeze from the pacific ocean.

7.The ALCATRAZ ISLAND-This is a small rocky island at the middle of the bay which  featured  a military prison established in 1854 and  was converted into a federal security  prison housing “public criminals“like “scarface”and “machine gun “Kelly.This prison was closed in 1963 and now thosands of visitors visit this place as a point  of interest through a “ferry ride”.

8 .GHIRARDELLI SQUARE-This was a famous chocolate factory occupied bya red brick building once;and is now converted into a visitors place with restaurants,shops and there are original chococlate machines on display ,and shops selling ghirardelli chocolates and icecreams.

9.THE CROOKED STREET/LOMBARD STREET-A very famous destination of the SFO at the end of “Hyde street “on top of the hill whcih starts right at the top and curves down at steep bends turning to the left and right in a “zigzag”pattern(Seems as if the bends are at 90degree inclinations).The road seems impossible for a drive ,but people do drive down the street ,and the the speed limit in tht road is 5mph/hr.

10.THE CABLE CAR DRIVE ACROSS POWELL AND HYDE STREET-You can miss anything in san fransisco ,but not the Powell and Hyde street ride on the cable car,because this ride will take you to ecstasy!Starting at the downtowns of  powell and market street ,this ride takes you further uphill through the nobhill and the russian hills across the Hyde street.On the way you can see the china town road filled with chineese outlets and cusines and stuffs.The streets are so unique in their own way because they have segments of steep (almost 90 degree inclined)hills and valleys and then   the ride ends excitingly sliding down the russian hill to the bottom as if we are going to plunge into the ocean ,but stops in a pretty little park as an end point.

Finally to end ..I end with a quote which i read somewhere when somebody asked,”why couldn’t they just cut down the hills and slopes of SFO and make it into a flat city?” That’s beause “City of San Fransisco wouldn’t be San  Fransisco without the uphills and downhills”.