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Located in Chikmaglur ,the famous coffee estate district of Karnataka state in India ,this small temple town Shringeri is famous for its lush scenic surroundings and the famous Sharadamba Temple.This place is around 300 km from the coastal city of Mangalore  and the nearest airport is either Mangalore or Shimoga.The drive from Mangalore is very scenic with a lot of places to visit on the way like  small temples like Hosanadu and Kudupu and Hanumangundi falls.

Hosanadu/also called as Kodyadka , is a recently constructed temple which many people are not aware of.Located at a distance of 35 km from Mangalore ,this temple which is dedicated to goddess  Annapurneshwari is built with a modern architectural perspective and has  granite flooring, good interiors and paintings of Gods and sculptures  along with the traditional‘ Garbha Gudi’/center place  with goddess Annapurneshwari  statue glowing with her unique charm.There is a small zoo with monkeys ,elephants ,birds ,rabbits  deers and other animals on the exterior of the temple,making this unique.The temple also has a small park with some statues and fountains adding to the elegance.The huge 72 feet tall  lord Hanuman statue /structure is commendable.The temple is a worth watch for its beautiful architecture and traditional devotional elements.



Zoo at temple premises

Hanuman statue


After visiting this temple ,we continued on our journey to Shringeri .The way to shringeri has dense forests and Ghat sections /steep narrow hilly roads and ends high on an elevation of about 200 feet .In between these winding roads ,we managed  take a break by the gorgeous HanumanGundi Falls.The Hanumangundi falls is just 25 km ahead of Shringeri and is located on a gorge in between the dense forests.The gorge is accessible through steps and the fall has a nominal entrance fees of 30 Rs.The luminous water falls fall from a remarkable height of 100 feet but through a rocky path and don’t abruptly decent from a height making it less risky.People often have a refreshing bath under the water fall amidst the cool surroundings and the soothing music of the chirping birds and flowing fresh water.


Hanumangundi Falls

We reached Shringeri as planned by afternoon 12 pm and went ahead for Darshan /seek blessings of the Godess.First ,we visited the Sharadamba Temple of Godess Sharada ,who is worshipped as the god for ‘vidya’ or knowledge as well as wisdom.People with a wish of their children’s prosperity in education worship here with utmost faith.The temple was extremely crowded and we managed to get veneration and Aarthi of the lord.We also did the traditional ‘aksharabhyasa’/first writing in front of the goddess ,for our child there.After this we visited the Vidhyashankara temple ,which was built by Vidhyaranya in commemoration of Vidhyashankara.This temple is of architectural significance and has an elegant view with beautiful sculptures and carvings on the exteriors and 12 zodiac pillars.This temples stands uniquely splendid at the center of the temple premises.There is a river across the temple premises ,which is a place of worship as well and many devotees offer feed to the numerous fishes there on the banks .After a small stroll near the banks of river Tunga,we crossed across the bridge and went to the Shringeri Mutt where the pontiff of the Adi Shankaracharya descendents reside .Shringeri temple also provides a delicious Naivedyam/food offering to the devotees in the afternoon as well as night.We had our full-fledged afternoon meal at the temple premises and returned back home.

Vidhyashankara Temple
Shardamaba temple
Beautiful carvings at the exterior
Banks of River Tunga

Hot and cool!

Hello readers,I thought of sharing a small personal incident with you all .We were living in Bangalore a year back .It was may 4th ,a saturday,and was my neighbor’s son’s birthday on that particular day.I had been there along with my hubby and son who was 4 and half years old  .The party had just commenced and after  cake cutting ,some singing and dancing , the guests  were  settling down .Adults were busy with the usual chit-chats and discussions;whilst the kids were busy playing and  yelling and the atmosphere was filled with a lot of noise and confusion.The party  hosts started serving us with some tea/coffee and snacks along with the cake.I was talking to a friend and her husband was sitting next to her.My son was just adjacent to me and he was holding a tennis ball and bouncing it around.

I was busy in the conversation ,when suddenly I saw that my friend’s husband who was  sitting there, just bounced from his seat with a thud nad yelled “AHH…!”and within a fraction of second ,I could see his face and body drenched with tea all over !Mind me, he was just looking like “bhigi billi”/”drenched cat”.His expression is just still fixed in mind even today ,because the way he reacted was just incredible;his face turned red ,with mixed emotions of anger,tumult and shock and couldn’t recover from the shock till he knew what exactly had happened.Actually the scene was described  by the spectators and was revealed to be a prank from my son ,which was unintentional though!He had just flung the ball towards the wall and the ball just missed its path and flew straight into the man’s cup of tea and then the consequence!At that moment ,all the kids and some elders too were laughing heartily.Infact,even I would have burst out  into laughter;but I was helpless . After knowing that my son was the culprit for this,I turned wild instead and felt humiliated and very embarrassed for my child’s behaviour.So at one particular moment  it was both “Hot and “cool”feeling for me ,because I was even burning with anger and also having small doses of “humor/laughter within .I obviously had to scold my son for his act, as a responsible mother and also stay calmposed and not mock at the person!But mind me ,after going home ,I had my hearty share of laughter.So I can call this moment ,a perfect “Fire freeze “moment!

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Yo Yo Yosemite

Yosemite  National park located at a distance of around 180 miles from San Fransisco and 300 miles from Los Angeles ,is one of the largest national parks spread over a wide 1100 square feet area.Yosemite  encompasses  the enormous mountains and valleys,giant Sequioa trees and grooves ;a number of water falls ,wide life and scenic natural beauty.It is an ideal location for nurturing  your trekking craze,for it has many beautiful locations accessible on   trekking.

The drive from our place,Santa Clara to Yosemite was fun ,as we explored the different native regions and farm sides throughout.As the yosemite region was approaching, we could feel the nature’s glory, with  narrow and single lane roads  winding like a roller coaster and  surrounded with hills on one side ; the valleys with dense trees and forests on the other side.As we entered the Yosemite valley ,we could see huge granite rock hills and mountains  and they looked  amazing and increased our curiosity to explore the rest of it.The Yosemite valley in fact took us to a different world, like those seen in ideal picture portraits and sketches of nature.Though we stayed there  only for a day;the trip was a wonderful memoir.Here,I would list a few important spots to be visited at Yosemite valley.

Yosemite valley can be explored by a drive in a car or by the of free shuttle  bus service within the park.I would rather suggest the shuttle becuase that would offer a guided descriptive tour of the entire valley .The shuttle stops at all the important locations including :

  • Museum:This museum exhibits  the history of Yosemite ;pictures of  some native people living in yosemite ,gallery exhibiting the  photographic views of various granite cliffs,mountains and water falls.
  • Yosemite falls:Yosemite falls comprises of the upper ,middle and lower yosemite falls  and spans from a hieght of approximately 2400 ft ,giving it the credit to be one of the largest falls in the world.Lower Yosemite falls is at a short distance walk and takes us to the base  of the water falls.The Water falls emerges from a narrow creek which gushes down to form a huge torrent;leaving us wondering about the marvel of nature!

Yosemite Falls Location during late summer

Yosemite falls in it's elegant form.

  • Swinging bridge ;Vernal and Bridal veil falls and Glacier point : Swinging bridge is a place  from where you could trek to the Vernal and Bridal veil falls.Vernal falls  looks beautiful dropping from a hieght of 200 meters and is at a distance of around 1 miles  trail trek. The trail further carries us through a steep trek towards the Bridal veil falls and is at a distance of 2 miles from there.I was so exhausted at this point ,that I couldn’t evn dare to climb still further upto the Glacier point”.The Glacier point  is around 4 miles trekking distance from the bridge and one of the most exotic locations on earth ,owing to the breathtaking panoramic view of the entire stretch of the yosmetie valley ; the water falls and granite formations including the el captain rock ,’half dome  shaped granite hill and the valleys.The valley is visible at a drop of around 3000 feet and looks spectacular!The sunset or sunrise views here are elegant and pleasure to eyes of  the spectators. .Glacier point is also accessible via the highway 41 and is drivable up to a short distance away from the view  point ,from where it’s a short walk.

Glacier point view.

Yosemite falls from Glacier point

view from the bridge

  • Elcaptain meadow:This place is located at the outskirts of the park and we could stop by and watch this as we drive out of the yosemite valley.This features a huge granite rock named“Elcaptain” which is a huge spectacular rock formation.

El Captain granite

  • Sentinel meadow and Sentinel bridge: These locations give a beautiful view of the Half dome shaped granite rock as well as it’s reflection in the merced river and also the  Yosemite falls and Elcaptain.

Half Dome

A beautiful lake on the way

PS: Yosemite has a variety of activities which includes Trekking ,Hiking rock climbing ,biking ,bird watching ,forest camping ,water activities like swimming,rafting,fishing etc for enthusiastic people.Lodging facilities are avialiable and also tent houses for camping.visit for details.

Mystery spot -Santa cruz

MYSTERY SPOT : This place is located at Santa Cruz ,CA ,at a distance of approximately 40 miles from City of  San Fransisco.This is termed as a”mystical “place where you experience effects of gravity ,perspective ,positioning and variations in hieght.This place was discovered in 1939 by some surveyors and has been a point of interest and curiosity since then for many spectators and visitors.This area has a small wooden house ‘ located at a small circular area of around 50 meters diameter which has this ‘magical effect’.People have a lot of predictions including  ‘extraterrestrial effect’;’haunted house’;Some heavy metals buried beneath the place ;co2 seepage underneath the house ,etc etc;but the credits for these phenomenon  seems to be given to some scientists for the  optical phenomenon demonstrated here by them.
The drive to this place was very skeptical and seemed very mysterious with narrow winding roads and dense forests around with tall sequoia trees touching the sky;no where giving us the hints of a tourist location ahead.Finally when we reached the place ,it seemed like a small area with only forest around and not even some shops or entertainment spots around.The tour was guided with a tour guide who took a bunch of people of 20 in number  at a time.This haunted house ‘ mimicking  place  was located at a small hilltop and we had to trek a little distance to reach it.On reaching there ,the guide demonstrated some phenomenon like –
1.’when a ball was placed on a wooden plank facing downwards,the ball would travel in the opposite direction uphill’ rather then rolling down!
2.Drops of water flown on the plank would also roll upwards and drip rather than flowing down towards the sloping side.
3.She asked few people to stand in a row in ascending order of their heights  on a flat board and it appeared that the shorter person  seemed  the same height as the tallest person.
After all these,we entered the house ,and there we felt as if we were leaning ,and we couldn’t stand still and were feeling dizzy or as if we were about to experience a fall.Everybody around appeared leaning either towards the side or to the front.People were trying hard to keep themselves balanced and stand erect. Appeared like everyone where boozed and intoxicated!. When we stood on the window steps on the wall ,we appeared to lean forward as if  we would fall ,but in spite of that were standing erect!A table was placed inside the house and people were standing on the table to experience the enigma.People were perceived to be leaning forward and still managed not to lose their balance and trip down!So everything around seemed as if there was no effect of ‘gravitational force’ in the house! On close observation,what we felt and concluded was that the house was constructed at a ’tilted angulation’ opposite to the direction in which the hill was directed towards.For ex:If the hill was sloping from direction” x to y”;the house was tilted at an angle of ‘y to x’ so that the gravitational effect would be neutralised.Sounds amazing right! Yes this strange ‘engineering and construction marvel ‘ left everyone perplexed.This place is a worth watch just to experience this phenomenon.  


Hello readers,I had to come back to update my post because Bangalore would be incomplete without the gardens! Indian cities being highly populated and congested;there is no scope for trees and greenery.In this sense,Bangalore stands apart with the unique feature of incorporating trees in front of almost every house and street ;and also the city municipal corporation /Bangalore developmental authority/BDA trying to maintain the parks and also attempting to sustain and enhance the available land and resources and develop new gardens or parks for every single locality.The most famous gardens in Bangalore which cannot be afforded to miss are:

1.LALBAGH BOTANICAL GARDENS:One of the oldest gardens in Bangalore,it was built by Tippu sultan’s father Hyder ali in 1740!Lal bagh has a variety of species of trees,herbs and plants from around the world.This garden is famous for the ‘Glass House’ which was built on the grounds of ‘crystal palace‘in London.This glass house houses a variety of plants ,including heart whelming varieties of blooming roses.There are flower shows conducted at different times in the year for special occasions;the most famous being ‘republic day flower show‘.Lalbagh is incorporated with an organised  designing and decor with beautiful landscapes,fountains,lotus pond,seating arrangements,statues and a 3000 year old huge  rock which is a major spot for tourists to enjoy the cool breeze and relish their souls.

Glass house lalbagh

2CUBBON PARK:This park was built by Sir Mark Cubbon,hence the name;and  is spread over a 300 acre region and is the largest in the city.The park houses  a large aquarium near the entrance ,which is the second largest in the country;a red olden style brick finished building which has the city central library;High court,Jawahar Bal Bhavan,children’s museum and park ;a number of monuments;statues;beautiful landscapes;well laid lawns and a variety of flowering plants.The kid’s train ride is famous here.It is an ideal place for a pleasant evening away from the busy noises of the city ;yet located centrally in the heart of the city!You can reach here from the central Majestic area or Mg road and is 5 kms distance approximately from both places.

children's museum



3.LUMBINI GARDENS:This place is a little far away from the city around 15 kms,almost in the outskirts.It has a large lake named ‘Nagavara lake’ surrounding a small amusement park.The lake offers different boat rides and the amusement park mainly has kids rides and also some fun adult rides along with water games and slides.It has a pleasant view .




1.BANNERGHATTA NATIONAL PARK AND ZOO: This place is located at a distance of 25 kms from Bangalore and ha a wild life sanctuary and a zoo located in a national park.This place is a major attraction for the kids with a variety of species of animals and birds in the zoo .Elephants are a major attraction here in the zoo and could be seen roaming around throughout the zoo.There are elephant rides available for both adults and kids.The other side of the park has a Wild life sanctuary and a ‘Safari ride‘ is available for watching the sanctuary at a reasonable cost of 250rs/person.The safari ride experience is wonderful with Tigers of different species ,including the ‘royal bengal tigers‘ and Lions mainly and also all other species of wild life .


2.NANDI HILLS:This place is situated at a distance of 55kms from Bangalore and is a major sightseeing/picnic location with exotic hills of the Western Ghats and scenery around.These hills are at a height of 1500 meters above the sea level and the drive is scenic with winding roads and valleys around.Nandi Hillsis is a massive granite rock hill and  resembles a ‘sleeping bull’ in it’s shape and hence the name.There is an ancient fort named’ tippu fort’ built by Tippu Sultan and also has a cliff named ‘Tippu drop‘which used to be a location of  death punishments by the king in the ancient days.An anciet temple of ‘Nandi’is also located here.

3.OLD BANYAN TREE:This spot which is at a distance of 25 kms from Bangalore ,is situated at Ramahalli and is an unique place  due to the strange fact that this 500 year old Banyan tree has its branches and roots spread out at a width of 400 acres!The huge tree with its expansions ,looks like a massive jungle by itself.

4.MEKEDATU/SANGAMA:This term means’goat pass’ meaning in  this place the river  narrowes down at a particular place in between the rocks which allows only a thin stream or is comparable to as little as that where a  goat can pass through!The river then suddenly widens or stretches wide and gushes with a roaring noise ,and then flows down a distance to form a water  fall.This place is also a little dangerous because of the high turbulence of the river ,and is not advisable to attempt getting down /swimming here.This place is off Kanakpura road and is around 80kms from Bangalore .The road is approachable till  ‘Sangama’which is a place where river Arkavati and Kaveri meet;from here we need to take a round boat or walk along the river up to the ‘mekedatu’.The walk in water or boat ride is exotic.

5.SHIVANASAMUDRA FALLS:This place is a little far away  at a distance of 120 kms from Bangalore ,located in Mandya district,but nevertheless not to be missed!This is the place where the famous river Kaveri branches into 2 streams ‘gaganachukki ‘and barachukki’.The surrounding areas have beautiful forests and hills surrounding ;it looks like a picture perfect portrait with greenery and mist.There is a watch tower here for observation of the falls.People could even go down to the falls ,but it’s always better to be on the cautious side.

The shivanasamudra falls overview.


My Bangalore (part 1)

Living in Bangalore/Bengaluru  for more than 7 years ,I have known Bangalore quite a lot ;and it wouldn’t be wrong if I nomenclate it as “mine”:).Bangalore , termed the ‘garden city‘ has tried to survive still as the garden city with a lot of greenery ,gardens ,parks and trees spread all over the city amidst the fumigating vehicles and tall buildings.Bangalore can be termed as  a perfect synchronization of modernity and traditionalism. Pubs, disco techs ,trendiest attire clad gals n guys on Mg road/commercial and Residency streets on one side and  temples spread in every nook n corner , traditional /spiritual people  ,people boasting with ethnic  on the other end.Bangalore is the main IT hub and is called ‘Silicon city‘ also and  has a mixed cultural heritage with people from all over the country dwelling here  for different  purposes and speaking a variety of languages.Bangalore has  everything to visit including the scientific innovations to the architectural structures , traditional temples and entertainment places.I have managed to see a lot of places and have created my own list of top priorities in and around Bangalore for sight-seeing.


1.BANGALORE PALACE : This palace was built-in 1880 by Chamaraja Wodeyar ,king of Mysore , and was exemplified by the ‘Windsor Castle‘ ‘in  England.The building has beautiful tall pillars in the exterior  giving the ‘castle’look.The interiors are exuberant with Floral motifs ,wooden pillars and carvings on the walls and stupendous ceilings with chandeliers and beautiful paintings.The ‘Durbar hall’is the main attraction in the palace with it’s architectural and interiors excellence .These days ,palace serves as a venue for film shootings,concerts,special functions and exhibitions.The palace is surrounded by or located in the premises of a huge ground named ‘Palace grounds’, which is the most desired locations for musical shows and concerts, marriage functions and receptions.

2.VIDHANA SOUDHA: This is another monument (housing the state legislative assembly) which is a worth watch;but only from outside,since the visitors are blocked to enter,unless having the vip pass which is given by the MLA. Anyways,built by the central government in the year 1956,this building was built after the transition of the wodeyar dynasty to state government.This monument is located near the Cubbon park and is at the center of the city.The structure and design is unique ,having a large central dome which is 66ft tall and also has a ‘Ashoka Lion ‘with 4 heads at the top of it ,which represents the state.The building is built in Dravidian style ,built  wholly with granite ,hieght of 700 ft and has pillars and domes supporting .


3.TIPPU’S PALACE: Built by Kempe Gowda  in 1553 ,this palace has good architectural design with mostly wooden built and pillars of teak wood.The palace now has only ruined paintings and pillars and is located in a very crowded market place and I personally feel is not a real wort watch.

TEMPLES: being the internal part of Bangalore ,Temples are very difficult to be mentioned ;but still I would like to mention these temples which are a must watch for their uniqueness.

1.GAVI GANGADHEESWARA TEMPLE: This temple is located in Basavanagudi,south Bangalore and is Lord Shiva’s temple and was built by Kempe Gowda in 16th century.This temple has a ‘Nandi/bull at the exterior and huge granite pillars with 2 large discs representing sun and moon.The temple has a unique feature that it was built inside a natural  cave and exhibits the architectural intelligence of the builders. Temple is dark inside and  has different idols within ,the main one being the ‘shiva linga ‘at the center.People have to bend while going around the temple for ‘pradakshina’and is extremely difficult for tall people,but the builder has made sure that the devotee does not face difficulties while seeing the lord or doing the offerings ,and so has built the central portion at a hieght where a person could stand.There is a special phenomenon happening in this temple every year during  ‘Makara sankranti’/mid January.Sun’s rays cross through the bull statue outside and directly illuminate the ‘shivalinga’ inside only on this particular day and devotees gather in masses to observe this.

2.BULL TEMPLE  AND ‘DODDA GANAPATHI/BIG GANESHA TEMPLE: Bull temple and Dodda Ganesha temple are next to each other and are located at Basavanagudi in south Bangalore around 3 km from gavi temple.The bull temple has a history that it was built by Kempe Gouda,founder of Bangalore to save the farmers from the fright of their groundnut fields being destroyed every night by a bull.There is a huge granite bull situated inside the shrine which is located at the ‘Bugal rock/hill‘.The bull measures 4.5 m in height  and  6.5m in length.The Bugal rock on the other side has a beautiful park and a view point at the top,which is also a location for movie shootings.The dodda Ganesha temple located down the bugal rock,has a large Ganesha idol built with a single stone and decorated round the year with butter.The idol looks beautiful decorated with butter and sometimes people even refer to this idol as ‘benne   Ganesha ‘meaning ‘butter ganesh.

3.Iskcon temple: This is lord Krishna’s temple located at the chord road off vijayanagar.This temple was built in a modern style along with incorporation of traditional elements needed for a temple.Temple has elegant interiors and marble flooring;exterior also looks distinguished.People from all over th world visit this temple;and ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna devotees are seen in the temple reciting chants and devotional songs.

4.There are few other  temples which not only serve the purpose of devotion ,but also a sightseeing place like ‘Ragiguuda Hanuman temple located at Jayanagar 9th block ,Lord Shiva’s temple at Indira nagar.


1.NEHRU PLANETARIUM: This planetarium is a scientific center and is a eye-opener for astronomical facts and is ideal for learners and students.It has  a 15 m diameter dome with ‘a sky theater and large seating capacity and displays astronomical phenomenon on the top of the dome as it appears at night.

2.VISHWESWARIAH TECHNOLOGICAL MUSEUM:This museum located at Kasthurba road has a variety of scientific and technological elements for display including the airplanes,steam engines,’electro technical gallery’s ‘children’s science gallery’.

3.INNOVATIVE FILM CITY:I truly  don’t  suggest this,but it’s worth a watch if you have some extra time and need to have fun.This place was built on the grounds of Universal studios ,Los Angeles,and has some good museums like ‘Louis Tussaud’s museum,’Jurassic Fossil museum and ‘Ripley’s museum;4D Theater,Amphitheater,film shooting sets and studios including airplane, artificial Eiffel tower,some good housing colonies  ,also featuring some news channel sets , some entertainment zones like a double-decker carousel ,cartoon city,go carting, roller coaster rides for kids, Dinosaur world,Haunted Mansion featuring some skulls ,skeletons and horror and  special effects in a 2 storied building.You can spend half day or more with family and small kids here.

Innovative film city

A Trip To Cincinatti

We were staying at Dayton ,Ohio and CINCINATTI was at  close to 45 min drive from the place we lived.So one weekend we decided to have a day out at Cincinatti.WE thought of covering the “coney island” mainly and spend less time at the  city and downtown; but  happened the vice-versa.It turned out to be nice  day out.Some of the important places which we visited are:

Cincinnati zoo and botanical garden:This zoo has a variety of animals which includes even the endangered species like white tiger and Felines.Botanical gardens also are a worth watch with few of the rarest collections of perenialls ,trees and shrubs.

National underground Railroad freedom centre:-This is one of the important places to visit ,with a unique theme of supporting the “freedom “concept and resisting “slavery “and human trafficking.There is an exhibition entitled against slavery and human trafficking including forced labor,sex trafikking child labor ,etc named as “Invisible”whcih is a must watch.

Down town :Cincinnati down town has 3rd 4th 5th streets as main points of interests and the down town tour can be accomplished either by a “Holley Jolley” trolley or by a traditional ,well decorated horse carriage driven by professionally dressed man/woman.Down town has a lot of buildings to be seen like the carew tower,Scripps center,fifth third bank building ,Macy’s plaza,union terminal.Some of the important places to visit in downtown :

Carew tower:This building located just near the fountain square ,is a 49 storied commercial complex with an observatory desk at 49th floor giving a spectacular view of the entire city.This complex has restaurants ,gift shops ,dressing outlets ,offices inside.

TYLER DAVIDSON FOUNTAIN SQUARE:This is one of the most famous attraction and hang out place .With a huge banner reading “Life happens here”,this place has enthusiastic people from all around the world united at one place ,chilling out at the square having fun .There are a variety of itinerary and a huge Lcd display for entertainment of people .We spent an hour here and our kid was having fun near the flowing water at the fountain ,were al the kids were accumulated.

CINCINATTI MUSEUM CENTER AT UNION TERMINAL:This museum is replaced by the previously occupied railway station and has a kids museum and a historical museum displaying the historical aspects of Cincinnati.

CONEY’S ISLAND:we headed towards our most desired destination to unwind an amazing experience of breathtaking rides and chilling water dips.The coney island has 2 main portions ,the Sunlite pool and the Classic rides.Sunlite pool is the largest recirculating swimming pool in the world and is as large as a football ground .This portion of the park has thrilling water slides and a lot of other waterrides.The clasic rides mainly includes a lot of kiddie rides which can have an unlimited usage and also a lot of  exhilarating and breathtaking rides like “The screaming machimne“which throws us up from as high as 50 feet;””python roller coaster“;”River runner” ,the boat which takes us swinging right and left above the river.

The traditional horse carriage






WOW ,the weather is amazing s raining today!The day started with drizzles and cotinued into a down pour and then slowed down to drizzle .Mind floats in nostalgia with sweet memories from the past ;a sense of tranquility is filled in air .


New york ,“A city that never sleeps” is the most happening city in the world.New york is a widely spread city with more than 7 million residents and has inhabitants with cultural diversities.Manhattan is at the center of New york city and harbors the tallest buildings and the financial district and is situated on a large island in the middle of Hudson river.manhattan is the heart of New york.Streets run east to west starting from the first street to 218th street.And from north to south runs the first to twelfth avenues.Newyork is a vast ocean and to explore the whole city with an Eagle’s eye is almost next to impossible.So for tourists like us ,a“hop on hop off “bus tour would be the ideal option,and the bus tour starts right at 8am and extends up to 12 in midnight(it has both day and night tours).

Here I will list the  famous and top 10 attractions of New york.

1.ELLIS ISLAND AND STATUE OF LIBERTY– Ellis  island which was the gateway to millions of immigrants and had an inspection center has now the famous Immigration museum for tourists.Statue of Liberty which is world-renowned is a symbol of peace and liberty”and was gifted to the USA by France and signified the independence of the USA. This is located at the liberty island .There is a ferry to the Ellis and liberty island .The ferry ride offers an elegant view of the skyline of the New york city.   

 2.THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING-This is a world-famous landmark and is situated in 5th avenue and consists of 102 floors .It has an observatory desk at 86th floor and also on 102nd floor.  
3.Broadway street – This is a famous iconic place at downtown Manhattan is a theatrical district harboring clusters of theaters playing variety of shows.

Empire state

4.The ROCKFELLER CENTER AND OBSERVATION DESK-This building has 8,000,sq ft or spread over 22acresand extends from 48th to 51street and comprises many buildings.The center building is the Rockefeller plaza , GE building and comprises 70 floors and is a famous tourist attraction.Top of the rock observation desk is situated on 70 th floor and gives a panoramic view of the entire city.


5. THE WALL STREET AND THE FINANCIAL DISTRICTThis street features many of the financial institutions of Manhattan and is a pleasure to watch with all th buildings aligned in a straight line which includes the Federal hall and New york stock exchange office
.6.The iconic “stock exchange bull“/charging bull stands in the green park at the financial district ,which is a major photographic attraction.Bull signifies the aggression in the stock market dealings and rubbing the nose/horns of the bull signifies good luck!
7.The famous world trade center was located here in the financial district and now we can visualise the “memorial of world trade center” at the site . 



8.  BROOKLYN BRIDGE  -The bridge connects the cities of Manhattan and Brooklyn and is the world’s largest suspension bridge with a stretch of 1.8 km and the towers amidst the bridge are 276 feet tall and the bridge is supported by  a mesh of strong cables.

9.MADAME TUSSAD’S MUSEUM– This renowned museum located at 42 nd street has more than 200 life-like wax figures of famous icons and celebrities.

10.Times square-This extends from the 42 to 47 streets and is “The happening place”of New york with the streets open all through night and crowds hanging out in full spirits at midnight ,a variety of pubs ,restaurants,musical shows and night life.Time square was named because of the famous“one times square “building which hosts one of the most;extravagant new year eve’s ball.




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Being at the bay since 6 months ,i have experienced only the beating heat,and now after so long i can feel the chills!Bay area is getting cloder ,waiting for the daylight saving time ..can sleep more!